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Sustainable cities
promoting low-carbon
practices in Kazakhstan
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Low-carbon quarter in the capital: a joint project of UNDP-GEF and Nur-Sultan Akimat

Repair and construction renovation works are continuing on the pilot quarter within the framework of the UNDP-GEF project "Sustainable cities for low-carbon development" in Nur-Sultan.

Repair and construction works have been completed in the houses at 7-Pushkin street, 1 and 3/2-Zhubanov Street: sealing and insulation of inter-panel joints, installation of balcony structures and modernization of engineering systems with the installation of "smart heating". The mayor's office, as part of its contribution, performs work on insulation and waterproofing of the roof in these residential buildings. As a result, thermal energy savings of up to 30% are achieved. Currently, the same repairs are being carried out in houses at the addresses: 3 and 3/1-Zhubanov Str. All these works in the complex will lead to significant savings in energy resources required for the power supply of this city block. Once completed, the quarter will be energy efficient. This model is offered to the mayor's Office for replication in the future at other sites of the capital.

Date:  10/22/2020